be rather than appear

Swimming with crocs

In Kuala Lumpur getting ready to corner Adam Kayoom for his second OneFc fight tonight against an Indonesian fighter named victim #2 (I’m bad with names :/ ) . I brought my swim/mental coach Scott Stevenson. In preparation for my fight in Kuwait next weekend, he’s been running me through all sorts or circuits and drowning me in the pool/ocean. Little by little I’ve been improving my breast stroke ;) and front crawl, I’m no Michael phelps but I’m happy with my progress. Today we decided to up the training by swimming in a local swamp where I challenged some crocodiles to a thumb wrestling competition. Needless to say they didn’t show up. So we did sprints and butterfly/unicorn/princess flutters in the mini lake and called it a day.
Play time now over, time for Adam and the team to go to work. Watch live on and special shout to Kuwait Combat Athletics for believing in me, there faith is well placed, the belt is mine. Inshallah I will win because he’s not ready for me. Cheers :)



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