Out with the old.

After a ridiculous week of training, I am exhausted. I’m pushing extra hard so I can do a muay Thai fight mid july and possibly get on an MMA card later in the month. So after a few hours at the beach, I decided to take Juliet to the movies today. The cinemas in Thailand are amazing, not only are they crazy cheap, but for about the same cost of one ticket in the US, you can get a VIP couch. Duh. Anyway so after tearing up a little during the kings intro movie ( the king is legit, no Obama here ) and a couple trips to the bathroom ( her, not me ) we crashed out. Thinking for cheat day I’m going to hit up the pizza company (pizza hut) and destroy a pie by my self.
Today will be the first time I was in Phuket and missed a Tmt BBQ. It feels funny because I put so much time into that place, but it’s time to move on. I’ll always remember the good times, the people that made it great, but now that the magic is gone, it’s walls are no place for me. Onward and upward. Lessons learned.
July 7th will be the start of a new tradition for me. Phuket top team will be hosting pro and amateur fights. Nothing better than a rebound after a break up. The new guys have that twinkle in their eye still, the passion for the sport that is invigorating. Money isn’t the goal, it’s the love of the game. Anyway, I’m going to enjoy my day off, another hard week ahead of me. I’ll see you gents on 7th. Carry on 🙂


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