It’s been brought to my attention that there are two types of fighters, and they can basically be broken down by a simple analogy I like to call Dogs and Wolves. Maybe there are a few more classes of fighters, but I feel that the root of all fighters goes directly back to this analogy.
First let’s break down Dogs. I love dogs, they make great pets. But man are they annoying when I go running at night. Here in Thailand dogs run wild, huge packs of them. I run past a group, they start barking and kind of half ass chase me down the street. I turn around and they scatter immediately. The adventure in me loves it, there is nothing more satisfying to a man than to test his mettle, the warrior leaps at the chance to prove himself. Unfortunately with dogs, they tend to run away or assume the fetal position when actually challenged. Every once in a while you’ll hear in the local news that a pack of dogs mauled a child or a helpless old woman, but never any men with substance. Dogs just tend to a lot of barking, not a lot of biting, so when actually challenged, scatter. Maybe it’s our fault as owners that we bred the balls out of them. They make great pets though, no doubt about it.

Wolves, they look a lot like dogs, but are far from it. No one in their right mind owns wolves, they don’t really bark so they make terrible security alarms, and they have a tough time discerning between friends and foes.  Wolves are warriors, but they don’t fight for the sake of fighting, its usually to feed the pack that they belong to. Every once in while the wolves challenge each other for the right to assume the status of alpha male, the pack leader. It is difficult to spot wolves because they tend to keep a low profile; they are often hunted by other men. To sum it up, wolves fight when necessary, to survive, and don’t bark at people to feel tough, they fight when provoked.

Maybe there are more types of fighters out their but at this moment in time, I notice a lot of dogs, they look the part, big teeth, muscles, cool salon haircuts. They bark at people because they don’t think they will be challenged. When they are challenged, they run away or lay on their backs, exposing their neck as an act of submission. Don’t worry too much about them, those with loud mouths but no substance or courage. Worry about the wolf, the warrior that stays low, never looking but always ready. Good day mates!Image

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