War? Not really.

I’m in taipei, taiwan getting ready to fight. I’m not going to “war” tonight, not a fan of when people say that. I’m doing the same things I did in my training camp except with smaller gloves and more people watching. The lights, the cameras, the drunken shouts of elbows and armbars are all immaterial. Soldiers go to war, people die, they risk more than their bodies but their lives for very little pay or glory. Save the word WAR for these men and women, they are in a class of their own, to compare fighters to soldiers is discrediting them. What I do is a paltry thing compared to them, they are the heroes that risk all for their country. What I do is selfish, I’m a glory hound, I want to be remembered.I fight to answer questions about myself, am I average or extraordinary. Up up and away.


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