Come round ye…

Come round ye children, the tale I tell is one of sadness and triumph. A long time ago a wandering bear borded a ship and set off into the sunset, bound for the far east. Not caring where he ended up, his was a lost soul, searching for adventure? love? comradery? He didnt know, but the exotic, untamed land of Phuket was where he ended up. Being of the harder sort, he settled in a town called D-block, where only the strong survive. He immediately took a liking to a young man named Danny, a pirate turned whoremongering englishman who had settled here, looking for glory and riches, but his is another tale, for an older audience;)

They had many adventurers together, Dani having many hooker charms and rings showing his conquest. Also a prize fighter himself, Noah would go to Danny’s many fights at the stadium, supporting him like an unwavering pillar.Back to D-block. Tis a hard place, where only the most ruthless dwell, men of harder stuff, where the lost go to die. Noah would not be unmanned by the place, for he was a formidable warrior in his land, the city of Angels. Little did he know this was a land of warriors, and amongst these men, he would learn humility. He happened upon two warrior wolves, heroes amongst men, Lions, the magical and the Super. Their skill at hand to hand combat was legendary, they put him through the gauntlet and beat his body in ways that would have broken a lesser man, but the fire inside kept the proud bear on his feet, he would remain unbowed and unbroken. The warriors, seeing his fighting spirit, took them under their wings.

It just so happened on one sunny day, one of the warriors woke up with a sense of rightous anger, a vengeful spirit took over him. Asking Noah to accompany him to the no mans land betwixt two rival dojos,the dwarf man named Tony’s. So they set off down the lonesome road. The writer should tell you, that in life, a man wants three things; adventure, a lady to save, and a battle to fight.

Noah not understanding what was going on in the supers head, he questioned him” if something were to happen, would thou liketh if I intervened on thine behalf?” Nay said the warrior, only watch mine back, assure that no knife strays toward me. They sat down facing the door, ordered a local favorite, the banana shake, and waited. Fate, being the cruel and evil temptress that she is, smiled upon them this day and sent a rival into their midst. The super greeted the rival in his native tongue. Seeing it as a slight, the rival dog barked at him in a way that the super didnt like, who quickly sprang to his feet. The dog continued to bark whilst the warrior walked methodically towards him, as if through a grassy meadow. The warrior struck like lightning, quickly dispatching the dog, it was over quicker that it began, all the while the bear they call noah stood vigilant, like a sentinel, assuring none would strike the warrior from behind.

After the incident betwixt the dojos, Noah knew he had found his home, a place where he could stretch out, put his feet up for a while. The samurai code of honor that the magical and super possessed touched Noahs warrior spirit, and he felt himself tasting the good life. Still living in the D-block, he found a kindred spirit in young Danny.They would explore the seedy underbelly of the city, a place called patong, where a man would risk spirit and penis for a good time. They crossed swords with wenches from Suzie Wongs, stole charms from hookers, and drank til their bellies burst. But alas , tis a sad tale and the good times would come to an end. Young Danny, feeling the call of the sea, hopped aboard the next frigate, bound for the old world, leaving poor Noah to fend for himself in the dark and forboding D-block.

Noah, now the D-block ward, struck the D from the wall, it not having the same meaning, would now be known as “Block”. He wandered aimlessly around, his head low, this was a dark place for Noah the wandering bear, a time of dispair. The world seemed to be falling apart. The magical seemed to be losing his hold on the dojo. A new breed or warrior was arising, ones with flashy armour, but no real skill, all looks and no action. The cross fitters they called themselves. Worthless scum. So the magical being out of his element, set sail for a new land, a land full of scarf covered women and shifty men. But thats another tale. With the magical gone, the super soon followed, but not far, he couldnt stand the way things had went down, the men with bigger boobs than the women, who danced in the ring instead of fighting. The flamboyance of the men and cowardice of the bosses was too much for him, so he left them with “Fags” and went down to the other side of the trenches.

What was Noah the bear to do, the only ones left were Capt. Saville the corsair and Alex the transient Jew.

Noah began to frequent a bar,ban suan,named for a long dead mermaid, or so someone told me. The place was owned by a couple of local girls, sirens you might say. Their high pitched voices called to men from all over, drawing them in for mango shakes and cashew chicken. Noah would meet his friends there, one in particular being saville, a giant of a man, tamed only by his woman, small in stature but huge in attitude, you could easily see who held the reins between the two. Another friend, no one knew his real name, some called him, Jew, others Kenny, but one thing was certain, he was poor. The transient would often drift from place to place, rubbing his filthy hands through Pockets, pan handling his gypsy tears And other Jew trinkets.
But just like everyone else, capt saville and his misses set off, back to their home prison off Australia, the largest penal colony the world has seen. Last I heard they were in the process of breeding, good luck to em, kids be the end of dreams I always say.
Noah was lucky/cursed to have the Jewman stay, he would often moan about his misfortunes, making Noah feel better about himself. Then things took a turn for the worse, the head Jew of the camp, always pinching nickels from the poor, set his sites on the bear. The bear, having been a staple of the camp for a year, had always been granted free access to the camps monthly BBQ. No more thought the nickel pinching Jew, and accosted Noah for a fee to enter. He was willing to give him a discounted ticket, said the jew. But can you put a price on loyalty?As the ladies of the night walked passed(free),Noah, his pride hurt, paid the fee.This was the last straw for the bear, his loyalty had been tested for the last time. He set out, looking for a new home. But fortune would finally smile upon the nomad bear.
An englishman, a man making moves behind the scenes with an eye for talent, suddenly Burst into the forefront, buying up hot spots that others would turn their noses up at and turning them into gold mines. Seeing a place for the bear, he offered him a new home at a nearby place called the lions den, and a job where upscale playboys and high class women of the night found refuge. Noah, being the alpha bear, set his foot down in both, staking his claim as den ward and playboy barman, whom all would look to for guidance and sustenance. Noah, the wandering bear, who’s character had been tested, had finally found his home. The lions den wasn’t a big place, but he saw the potential that it had, a place where the super magic could happen. This was a place where no debauchery would be tolerated, where mini-men would be shoved off or choked. Home. It felt good, this was the taste of the good life he had been waiting for. Soon, the old would meet the new, and all would be well in the world. But that’s another chapter in the tale, Noah the wandering, naye, Noah the sentinel bear, he wasnt the warden the lion den needed, he was the warden it deserved.

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