Big Buddha Cheat Day

My Friday nights are pretty boring compared to your average twenty-something year old male.  I play video games until about 9:30pm if Juliet lets me, Dora or Lion King usually owns the TV.  I wake up at 6:30am regardless of what day it is.  The sun is the alarm clock.  Saturday I like to go for a run early, it’s super hot here in Phuket if I wait until the afternoon.

This Saturday I invited some guys from the gym to run a back trail up to Big Buddha with me.  I like this particular run because it’s not paved, it’s through the jungle, away from all the commotion on the main roads.  I’m not one to marvel at natures beauty.  I’m not some double rainbow hippie.  I look at things appreciate them for a second and move on. Maybe 30 seconds into the run we came across a heard of pigs, not the pink domesticated ones, full on wild boar looking pigs – a few full grown but mostly babies. They scatter away immediately, thankfully because I didn’t want to end up like King Robert.

After making a couple wrong turns, we finally made it onto an elephant trail that I recognized from previous runs.  Of course, there were 4 big ones at the moment, I had to slow to a walk to get a picture so that you skeptical folks wouldn’t doubt me 🙂 We continued up the mountain and finally hit the top, posed for a picture with the enlightened one, and doubled back the way we came. 

A hard run like that deserves a treat. Saturday or Sunday, depending on which day has a better brunch, is my cheat day. We spent the day at Friendship beach, had a lot of previous nights stragglers show up including Noah the bear, Biggie Ol, and one of his un-named lackeys.

After getting my ass kicked on my run, I decided to take it out on a mushroom and eggplant pizza.  Freakin destroyed it! Nothing left!  RAWR! Carry on 🙂

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