I received a job offer a few months ago, basically to teach and train in Kuwait. I was absolutely clueless as to what to expect, i just saw on the map that it wasn’t situated too pretty for an American.Bordering saudi arabia, iraq and Iran, not looking like a SUPER place. So I posted a “what is Kuwait like inquiry”. For the most part I received some pretty bad reviews, from the lack of a night life to poor treatment, desert etc. Well I’m calling BULLSH*T. The place is awesome. It’s one of the cleanest places I’ve been to, no smog or trash to be seen. The Arabian coastline is beautiful, I haven’t been in the water but the beaches are awesome. The food is good, I’ve always had a thing for Tahini, tabula, hummus and pita bread, plenty of that here. The girls are wearing burqa, covered from head to toe in all black. I don’t have a problem with that, my wife probably wouldn’t mind them either, being the jealous type 😉 .
Anyway, thanks mfers who convinced me to pass it up, I don’t drink so the fact that its a “dry country” wouldn’t bother me. Porn is also illegal, that’s ok I only watch cartoons 😉
Looking forward to the rest of my trip.Going to get a work out at a gym tonight where the membership is over 1,000usd a month. Teaching an mma seminar tomorrow.More pictures to come.





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