Kuwait seminar

So it was really cool of Combat Athletics(Khalid and Ebrahim)to fly me out to corner Ray. To show my appreciation I offered to do a free seminar, intro to Bjj at a local gym INSPIRE, an extremely private gym where the members pay 1,000usd per month. I can’t imagine paying that much, but after seeing the facility, the equipment and amenities, it’s a small price to pay for what is included.
Anyway, had a good turn out, the students were open minded and picked up the techniques quickly. At the end Ray offered the members a roll with me,basically a chance to kill the master and take my power. Needless to say I kept my power and posed for a couple photos. Have a private tomorrow at 730am with one lucky student. Other than that looking forward to doing weigh ins for rays fight. After we will be hitting up a Mediterranean restaurant. I’m really looking to trying camel. The word “feast” actually comes from a Bedouin dish where a camel is stuffed with a sheep stuffed with chickens stuffed with eggs. Coming from an Italian family that spends its time eating, I feel right at home amongst the desert dwellers. Excuse me while I put on my dishdasha. Have to look the part if I’m going to blend in with the locals. Faman Allah














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