Kuwait was an eye opener

Growing up in America, we are bred to be patriotic. From the moment we learn the pledge of allegiance we are effectively brainwashed. Indivisible? What the hell does that mean to a kid? Didn’t matter, those few lines were ingrained in my head. From an early age we are told we are the on the right side, the good guys in the world, #1. As we get a little older, we see the evil of the rest of the world, the suicide bombers, 9/11, terrorists. The media shows us the fanatics of the world but makes them the majority instead of the rarity. Whole groups of people are subjected to unfortunate stereotypes. Just ask any Arab trying to get on a plane post 9/11. I’ve made many smart comments myself, I recall once saying I don’t know if we should get on this plane, look at the terrorist in front of us with a box.
Looking back, what a closed minded, judgmental mfer I was. Everyday my eyes open a little wider and I see the world a little clearer. The fact is, America lives in a box with only small holes to see out of. The media really twists the facts and distorts the images we are shown. There is so much beauty in the world to be seen, but violence sells, not landscapes. The Arab culture has so much greatness in it. The stereotypes we choose to base our judgements off of barely scratch the surface of the people. Yeah they have golden guns and entirely too much oil. But don’t we also have obnoxious lifts on our trucks and more guns than we care to Brag about? We all have stereotypes.
I leave Kuwait tonight, headed back to Phuket to train for the next one. Ray came up short in his fight, it’s up to me to get one back for the justice league/team America. Time to take off my glasses and put my cape on. UP UP and away.
Ma’a Salama



One thought on “Kuwait was an eye opener

  1. The media makes you believe what is not there or hide 99% of the truth..

    I’n glad you loved being in Kuwait, i’m glad you have changed your view about arabs & i hope you could come again & again & show up in kuwait often!

    Had fun seeing you guys.. It was amazing to be honest!

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