To juice, or not to juice.

As you know if you have spoken to me or read my blog, I am absolutely terrified of dying. It scares me. I like to think that when I die ill come back as me again. I worked my tail off to be me. I wasn’t born into a rich family that handed me piles of money and gave me a nice cushy job, even if I didn’t deserve it. I played the hand I was given and made the best of it. I want to believe in reincarnation, that I was a knight or a NINJA in a past life. But the simple matter is, I don’t recall it if I did. I wasn’t me. I was some other cat, maybe I was the complete opposite of me now. That scares me. I love me! I have awesome friends, some very supportive blood relations, cute kid and lady. My wardrobe looks like a 12 year old comic geek picked it out. I ride a dirt bike around my island. I’m living the life! So what happens to ME!?
Growing up I remember seeing the Jack Lalane juicer infomercials. Basically I thought it was some crazy old man throwing some vegetables in a blender and talking really loud/fast. Didn’t make a lot of sense. But then I got a bit older, and that same crazy old man was still shouting at the camera, seemingly not aging at all, I started listening. I thought, wow! This guy is going to live forever. You look at other heroes of mine like Arnold and Stallone, you can see they are aging pretty quickly in the last couple years. But not jack. He looked great up until he was dead. He said he never stopped doing the same routine, a two hour a day work out regiment along with a strict diet that can be summed up by” if man made it, or it tastes good, spit it out”.
Long story short I bought a juicer. I’ve been using it for a while now.I put everything you can imagine in it, all the nasty things kids stick their noses up at. Broccoli, asparagus( which I love the way my pee smells after) carrots, apples and lots of other green garbage. After I drink the juice I feel super energized like I just drank an expresso, plus I’m full. My hardest battle with food isn’t the quality it’s the quantity. If its on my plate I eat it. If its in the fridge I’m thinking about eating it.Dinner leftovers don’t make it for lunch the next day. Some people are alcoholics, do drugs etc. I eat too much. It’s a problem, especially with my profession calling for me to be a certain weight. The juice is helping. It’s an appetite suppressant for a few hours and gives me the energy to get through that first session in the morning. Part of my problem solved.
But the main thing I look at is how old he was when he died last year. He almost hit 100. Most people hit around 80 if they are lucky, and that’s a bed ridden, machine plugged in life. Jack was doing his thing til the day he passed. That’s a Life! I want to be able to wrestle my great grand sons, and Win. I hate losing, not big on that losing stuff. So all I have to do is juice a couple times a day, exercise regularly and eat right? Dude that is a small price to pay. That is WINNING. There is so much of the world I want to see and news headlines that I don’t want to miss. When they launch that first man to Mars I want to see it. When the Middle East finally declares peace.When Chinese takes place of English. I want to live forever! But ill settle for 125. I have another hundred years in me. As long as I can still walk unassisted, I don’t mind being a Super old man. Here’s to living to see my great great grandchildren. Up Up and Juice!





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