The wandering bear meets the white rabbit

Every legend has a beginning,before the wanderer, was the son.
A long time ago, in the urban forest of Los Angeles County, lived a mother bear and her cub, Noah. Noah was a special bear, full of joy and play. His mother raised him to care for others, while his cousins, the wolves, taught him what tough love meant. Noah was a good bear, he kept his temper Tightly bound in chains.Knowing the bear for who he is now, it is hard to believe. How could such a violent, hard, stone even! Bear be such a kind and loving cub? Ill tell you, for tis a sad tale, one that set the tone for the great bear today. The moment that changed the peace lover into the war mongering wanderer.
When Noah was six years old, mother bear told him of a legendary rabbit. A rabbit that hopped from tree to tree, delivering treats and chocolate covered eggs to all the boys and girls of the forest. Noah was thrilled! He was going to be visited by the white rabbit any day now! He was so excited that he rode his bike next door to his cousins, the wolves, cave, sharing the good news. The wolves, who had heard of this white rabbit, warned Noah, because the white rabbit only gives if he knows he can take.
Noah didnt understand. Why would the white rabbit take something from him? Shrugging it off as no negative thoughts could overcome the loving cubs mind, tomorrow morning he would have chocolate covered deliciousness. He pedaled home, barely able to contain his excitement. Raiding the honey jars before mother bear got home, he fell into a deep, deep, hibernating sleep. He dreamt of chocolate covered eggs falling from the sky, into his mouth, into baskets, jelly beans, giant chocolate covered rabbits.
Waking up he stretched, put on his favorite blue LA cap, and opened his door. Their was dirt all across his living room, even half eaten carrots and celery! The rabbit had mad a mess! Then he spotted his favorite honey jar, upended. Running to it, he lifted it to find it empty! That rotten rabbit took his honey jar!Noah was mad, he had made a mess of the bear cave, bad bunny bad! Following the candy trail that the bunny had left for him, he walked outside. Following the trail that led to his garage, he opened the door. There wasn’t a basket in site! No chocolate covered eggs or jelly beans. Then realization hit him like a ton of honey combs. His bike was gone! The white rabbit had taken his favorite bike!
Running into the house he screamed! “Mama! Mama! He’s a stealer, he’s a stealer! I never want him back here ever and he took my bike!”
Noah the cub was heart broken. His cousins the wolves had warned him. Driven by the promise of chocolate eggs, he didnt listen. The white rabbit had stole his bike. From that day on, Noah was a changed bear. He would never ever trust a white rabbit again. Noah grew up with a squint in his eye, every story told was now open for skepticism. He could no longer be bought. The love for his mother never changed, she was his rock, the one he clung to in dark times.
Noah the bear would go on to do great things. He would touch many souls with his dark humor, his quick wit, and his honeyed drinks of deliciousness. All would come to love the bear. Even the author would go to him for advice in times of need, even asking him to accompany him on duels. The bear was a stalwart friend. But be warned ye white rabbits, should ye cross him, it’s to your own doom.



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