I am afraid

False evidence appearing real
Growing up my brothers and I shared a room with bunk beds. Me being the youngest, I had the top bunk. The rule before bed was that whoever was the last one to bed had to turn the light off. Unfortunate for me, because I’m afraid of the dark, and it’s a long ways up a ladder to get in bed. Like Ali once said, I flicked the switch and was in the bed before the room was dark.
To this day if I watch a scary movie i have a sense of foreboding when the lights are off. I don’t lay in bed quivering at night, but I don’t sleep as sound as most after a good horror flick. Don’t get me wrong, should a monster/anything appear in the dark, ill put my cape on and go to work. Confrontation isn’t the problem, I revel in it. It’s the unknown. The things I can’t see. I am not the scared girl running through the woods aimlessly. Ill gladly fight anything that is threatening me.
The dark, heights, the unknown, spiders. I could do without. But one thing ill never be afraid of is failure. I remember each and every failure, it is what drives me. Give me a challenge and Ill go after it with a vengeance. I hate being afraid, the dark will not conquer me. This fight is an unknown, but I’m going to leap into it, gaze locked and fists ready. Join me tonight at 530 on spiketv.com as I conquer my fears.
J.J. Ambrose (left) vs. Brian Warren
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