Pool workout

I’m still crazy jet lagged, sleep and eating patterns are garbage at this point. I’m two weeks out from my fight in Kuwait, so I sucked it up and met my swim/mental coach Scott at Chalong pool. Well, as it turns out they close the pool on Thursdays, Perfect, I hate swimming. Of course Scott being English and predisposed to terrible ideas, suggests the beach. My heart sank, I couldn’t say no. So we rode to the always popular Naiharn beach, which is nice but very crowded in high season. Stretched out a bit, looked around, stared at an older gentleman’s overly large breasts until it dawned on me that yes, it’s actually an older woman. Almost threw up before the workout even started.
Anyone that is close to me knows I hate the water. I don’t like being vulnerable, whether it’s in the air or in water, being at the bottom of the food chain bothers me. Hour and a half goes by, I’ve sprinted, swam underwater with weights, thrown underwater combinations etc. I’m dead. But after all the bs, I realized it was yet another fear overcome. My policy on life used to be to avoid what I’m not good at or afraid of, but since I started these mental sessions/hypnotisms, I’ve become a lot stronger. I thought I was strong before, I had no idea. I was my own worst enemy, holding myself back from achieving what I want to do. I’m not patting myself on the back, I couldn’t have done it without proper direction.

It’s funny, a few years ago I scoffed at the notion of a mental coach. What the heck could a shrink do for me? A lot apparently. It’s so important to be open to positive change. Ill do anything to achieve my goals (except cheating, steroids.etc) even if it means losing pieces of myself in order to make room for better ones. ~Face your fears and you will conquer death



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