Swimming with crocs

In Kuala Lumpur getting ready to corner Adam Kayoom for his second OneFc fight tonight against an Indonesian fighter named victim #2 (I’m bad with names :/ ) . I brought my swim/mental coach Scott Stevenson. In preparation for my fight in Kuwait next weekend, he’s been running me through all sorts or circuits and drowning me in the pool/ocean. Little by little I’ve been improving my breast stroke 😉 and front crawl, I’m no Michael phelps but I’m happy with my progress. Today we decided to up the training by swimming in a local swamp where I challenged some crocodiles to a thumb wrestling competition. Needless to say they didn’t show up. So we did sprints and butterfly/unicorn/princess flutters in the mini lake and called it a day.
Play time now over, time for Adam and the team to go to work. Watch live on http://www.sherdog.com and special shout to Kuwait Combat Athletics for believing in me, there faith is well placed, the belt is mine. Inshallah I will win because he’s not ready for me. Cheers 🙂



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