Just another day

I didn’t realize it was my day today. I wake up every morning at around 6:30 depending on my daughter kicking me awake or not. I go down the two flights of stairs, into the kitchen and prepare my juice. One apple, carrot,celery, ginger, spinach/kale, beet and whatever else I can find. Drink up and head to practice. It is this routine that gets me out of bed, the familiarity that is as comfortable as an old couch. I like this part of my life, the easy familiarity, the starting the day right. If I diverge from this I don’t feel right. I am paranoid about my health. When all my ducks are in a row I’m a happy, care free person.
Today, feb 6, is no different. It’s just another day to me. Christmas, new years, halloween. same Sh*t. I was given a birthday cake from the gym owners wife, which I regretfully will not be able to enjoy (Juliet will instead blow out the candle and indulge). Today I’m getting on a plane bound for the desert sands of the Middle East.This weekend I will be fighting the current GFC champion, an Egyptian stand up specialist. It doesn’t matter what day it is, nor who my opponent is. My day looks the same either way, I will fight and I will win because I have walked the path, I have paid the price. What I find joy in isn’t the same as most. I never had a taste for alcohol and am too engrossed with my own reality for drugs. I have thee worst sense of guilt if I indulge in sweets, one that far out weighs the fleeting pleasure they give. I’m not sure what my opponent is doing, it matters little. In the Middle East they say Inshallah, Gods Will. I respect all Gods, religions and ways of life. If they are correct, then Inshallah I will win because I have sacrificed the most and my will is stronger than his. I’m not saying this out of arrogance but by fact.
To all who wished me a happy birthday, thank you. I appreciate you taking time off of your journey to wish good things in my life. Up up and away.




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