Kuwait day 1, kinda

As I said in a previous entry it’s my birthday, just another day in my book. It just so happens I’m flying out today with Mark Mariani and Tommy Yang to Kuwait. Celebrating is out. Ill blow candles later and steal my opponents belt for a present.
Anyway we had a quick layover in Qatar( the ammount of dishdasha and ninja robes sky rocketed) pretty uneventful except my S.Korean friend Tommy and his “Rambo car”. We asked him what a Rambo car was, I was thinking tank. His reply “you know like a ramboghini”. Boom. Tommyism for the day.
A quick hour flight and we landed in Kuwait. Stopped at the visa desk, picked up my free 90 day visa (guess that little skirmish we had with Iraq paid off) and Tommy got his 3kd($10) visa (S.Korea was no where to e found during the war). Grabbed our bags and found my Kuwaiti Combat friends Ebrahim and Khalid. They don’t exactly fit the stereotypical image, no robes for them. I’d say Khalid looks more Cuban than he does Arab. Quick fact check: 95% of Kuwaiti exports are oil. Dave Chappell was right :/
Anyway just checked into my hotel, the Hilton Kuwait. It’s 6am, I’m wired. Going to check my weight, try out the bidet, maybe hit a jog at the 24hr fitness center and hopefully crash out.
Assalamu alaikum.




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