Kuwait day 1 part 2

I fell asleep at around 8am this morning and was promptly woken up by housekeeping an hour later. I’m one of those unfortunate souls that if woken up can’t fall back to sleep. It’s a curse. Anyway I got out of bed and checked my weight, 1kg under weight. Today was going to be a feast day. My previous weigh in at Bellator a few weeks ago set the tone for a lifestyle change. Normally I’d take a couple weeks off after a fight and ease back into it. Not this time. The last fight just made me hungrier. I can’t wait to get back inside the cage.
My friend Khalid picked us up from the hotel and we drove to lunch. We ate fish as well as some of my local favorites, hummus and tabbouleh. Kuwaiti fact: it is a dry country, meaning zero alcohol. This means that men and women go out of their way to be noticed, women wearing their Sunday best everyday and the men being extremely aggressive. To the point of hopping curbs in cars to catch up to the possibly beautiful girl in the white jeep (yeah that really happened).
After a fun drive after lunch we went to a local bazaar, kind of like the night markets in Thailand but on a higher/fancier scale. The building are very old in this district. The air is heavy with Arab perfume and spices, local fruits and rugs hang from show windows. I can’t help but feel like I’m walking through a scene in Assassins creed (yes I put my hood up). I have a few things on my list: Magic oil lamp (Aladdin), dates (dried fruit, delicious), and saffron (a very expensive spice used in payala). I quickly found the dates I was looking for of which the quality blew the ones I had eaten before out of the water, and the saffron, which was a quarter of the price usually charged. I stocked up on both. I had no luck in finding the lamp, apparently every star crossed idiot had the same idea. Luckily I found a Janbiya, a curved dagger traditionally worn by Arab men( more so in Yemen than Kuwait ). So armed and with my hood up, I stalked the crowd, blending easily (like a white beacon) with the dishdasha wearing crowd. I was almost spotted by the guards a few times, but with my local dialect(all five words I know) perfected and easy going Arab mannerism, I was a chameleon.
The last stop on our list was a local pharmacy to buy bath salts, not the zombie kind, the weight cutting booster.
Amazingly fly enough, one of the most abundant resources in the world was out of stock at three different pharmacies. So we got back to the hotel and down the elevator to the hotel spa. With bright shining lights on it and Angels singing ahhhhhh in the background, there was the bath salt. This wasn’t any bath salt though. It was Hawaiian ice cream bath salts. Done. I jumped on the tread mill, ran for thirty minutes and filled up the tub. Dropping the scoop of ice cream in the water gave it a pleasant ice blue color. After 20 minutes of watching “it” float (usually I take bubble baths so that it isn’t a visible problem), I got out of bed, put my Egyptian cotton bath robe on and climbed into bed. (Hilton, you are thee best)
Tomorrow is weigh ins, ill be meeting my Egyptian opponent who made the mistake of accepting the fight. I didn’t come here to eat lamb and hummus all day (kind of did ;), I came for a belt to hang on my mantle and something Juliet can play dress up with. That’s all I got. Afwan, sahby.








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