Kuwait day 2:weight a minute

After a really good nights rest I woke up and did my normal routine, vitamin popping (vitC,b-12,omegas,fishoil,etc). Anyway one of the vitamins in a peanut butter flavored chewable. It’s pretty much the highlight of my morning, I could care less if its good for me or not, they are wonderful. I walked over to my Korean friend Tommy’s room to check my weight. Forgot to mention yesterday’s Tommyism: “the building here like a sand castle. I wonder if they do on purpose.” Gold. I’m a kilo under. B You T full. Back to my room for more Sopranos marathon. They don’t make too many good shows these days, CSI and all the spinoffs aren’t my cup of tea. Every so often I repeat older shows, Rome, Deadwood, Chappelle show etc. classics.
After a nice ice cream bath this morning, I indulged in one of my favorite fruits, the date. If you’ve never had it before, imagine a donut hole. Literally, amazing. They are highly nutritious, great for work outs, but be careful, they are also high in sugar and calories. Highly recommended. Shake recipe: 1/2 cup of cashew, 1cup water, 2bananas, dash of cinnamon and dash of nutmeg, 5 DATES. Amazing meal replacement shake that I don’t mind skipping a meal for. Try it and leave me feedback.
We are on our way to weigh ins now, tommy is on weight finally, a couple sweat runs and ice cream baths later and he is one hungry Korean. His first request “can I have a coke after weigh in?” Was promptly rejected. Tommy and I did a mock weigh in, the promoter of G.F.C Adel Wawan and family overseeing. We both were under by 2kg. Piece of darabeel ( Arab cake ). Took some photos with the owners sons, one of which has some great hair.
Now we are chowing seafood, lobster, fish, crab, etc.
While eating with my Arab friends it dawned on me. Khalid should be Batman. He has all the makings of the hero this city needs. He’s very unassumingly ridiculously wealthy (mfer owns skyscrapers). He’s a good guy to boot. I keep telling him, it’s time for him to don the black cowl, start building hopping and saving the people. Me personally, Id love to be batman. I’m poor yet blessed with super strength, I’m superman out of necessity, not choice.
So i haven’t mentioned Mishari, my royal Arab friend yet. Standing at 6’11, he’s a gentle giant but that’s not all. He’s a direct descendant of the Kuwaiti royal family, you wouldn’t guess it by meeting him, he’s another unassuming guy who doesn’t wear his status on his sleeve ( I have a few people in mind that could learn a thing or two from them ). Anyway, he walks into my room, opens the window and says ” Wooow bro! The view! It’s so majestic! “. Not what I expected from a giant royal Arab. Cool guy though, not at all homosexual as I’m describing.
Just did the face off. I hate him. I don’t like tough guys, he’s Dead.
That’s all I have for tonight guys. Going to Starbucks. ma’asalama





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