Sleeping beauty.

Wrenching his sword from the Dragons chest, the hero stood in triumph. It’s heart pierced, the mighty dragons body shuddered as it lay dying. Kneeling on the ground, the hero grasped the handle of his sword, leaning heavily, his chest expanding rapidly as he drew in deep breaths, exhaustion finally taking him after the long, drawn out battle. Finally, It was over.

Rising from the floor he took off his helmet. Grasping his navy blue surcoat, he wiped his face, removing the sweat and dirt from his eyes. His armor and cloak were badly singed from the dragons fiery breath, his lungs burned from inhaling the fumes. None of it mattered now, he was exultant from victory, he had slain the mighty black dragon. Many heroes had come before him, broken pieces of armor and bones lay scattered around the cavern, a testament to the black dragons furiousity. He alone had triumphed, and the prize was his to claim.

He gazed up at the tall tower, studying it’s walls. High above, near the top, was a lone window, lit from inside, beckoning him. Removing his armor, he set it on the floor, alongside his sword and shield. Grasping his first handhold he hefted himself up, and began his ascent.

Time passed quickly, his determination driving him up the tall tower at a blistering pace. Finally, he grasped the window ledge and pulled himself up. Standing in the large chamber, he gazed around. The room was bare except for a very large, oaken bed. Laying on the bed was the princess of legend. She lay sleeping, her still form frozen in time.

Her beauty was mesmerizing, features a masque of perfection. A perfect jeweled tiara rested on her head, accentuating her luscious, golden hair. Walking toward the bed, he stood before her, gazing longingly, admiring every inch of her. He leaned in, brushing the softest of kisses on her perfect, pink lips. Her eyes burst open, blinking rapidly. She looked into her Heroes eyes, lost in the fierce-deep green. She closed her eyes again, waiting for the second kiss. Her lips puckered. This was the moment she had waited a lifetime for. He slowly leaned into her again. He whispered into her ear. “Wake up Bitch, it’s time to lift”.


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