A lesson for the ladies.

The lesson:

Belle burst through the massive French doors of the castle. Turning back, she pushed the great lock into place, barring the door. Having run nonstop from the village, she breathed heavily, gasping for breath. Determination took hold once again for now was not the time to rest. She heard a loud ROAR from high above, on the parapet of the great castle. Hemming her dress, she raced up the stairs. Not far behind her was the clamor of an angry mob, torches and pitchforks in hand.
The whole town was in an uproar over news that a great beast had taken one of their own. Long had they lived in fear of the looming castle, but the great hunter, Gaston, had spurred their hearts to take up arms. Between his uplifting words and liquid courage from the tavern, they marched. Reaching the castle doors, they hacked at them with ax’s, splintering the aged, oaken wood.
Gaston lay unconscious on the floor, a mighty backhand from the beast had leveled him. Letting out a roar of triumph, the beast threw his arms wide, proclaiming his victory to the heavens, the thrills of battle overtaking him. His revery was short lived as a lone figure rushed towards him, and he readied himself.
“Belle! You came back!” He opened his arms, grabbing and twirling her high overhead. “I thought I had lost you” he said. “The villagers are coming, you have to get away” said Belle. “Let them come. The last rose petal has fallen, it’s too late for me.” She hugged him tighter, burying her face in his coarse fur.
Gaston opened his eyes, still dizzy from the blow, he saw the two lovers embracing. She was clearly under the beasts powerful spell. Determination set in, he would save her once and for all. Rolling to his side, he pulled his knife from it’s sheath. Creeping towards them, he reversed the grip on his knife and plunged it into the beasts back.
The beast roared in agony and snatched up the foolish hunter. He lifted him high, holding him over the high parapeted cliff. Gaston struggled to free himself from the beasts clutches, but it proved futile against it’s mighty grasp. He was flung over the parapet and into the chasm, screaming as he plunged to the jagged rocks below.
The beast fell to his knees, the pain from the wound overtaking his bloodlust. Belle rushed to his side as he crumbled to the floor. She burst into tears as the beast lay dying. Seeing her beautiful face, the beast smiled, if you could call it that. He touched her face with his massive paw and she held it tight. Finally, the beast closed his eyes, breathing his last breath. “I….love….you”. No sooner had she spoken the words, a great magical beam burst from the beast, lifting him above the ground. Belle stared on in wonder as he transformed from the mighty and terrible beast, into a handsome, golden haired prince. He opened his eyes and walked towards her. Her eyes welled with tears and she sobbed uncontrollably. He hugged her tight, “belle, it’s me”. He smiled, showing his perfect white teeth. She gently pushed him away, looking closely at him. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment. She started walking towards the door. “Belle…. what’s wrong”? Said the prince, bewildered. She stopped, looking back at him with sadness and said “I only date beasts”.


2 thoughts on “A lesson for the ladies.

  1. Hmmm. I think your Belle would get along very well with the Prince Charming in your last Sleeping Beauty post! They’re a perfect match. 🙂
    You should consider posting your views on some recent fights…like Metamoris
    Great blog.

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