My little pony, Dagorhir and finding a worthy opponent

My little pony “bronie” convention
So my daughter Juliet is really into the rehashed “my little pony” series. I remember it vaguely from when I was a kid but obviously was more into he-man and ninja turtles. The names and characters are lost on me. Anyway so I took her to San Francisco for a “bronie” convention, essentially like a comicon for pony lovers.
I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting, but what I got was far from it. Imagine the most adolescent grown men dressed up in pinks and purples head to toe, and you’ve got in a nut shell what I experienced. People were dressed up in various characters whilst merchants sold overpriced pony hats and purses to over zealous “bronies”, male my little pony lovers. The interesting part? Maybe five kids in the whole place, and zero hot nerdy girls like I expected (ok I found one).
I get it, the world is a big place. People are into all kinds of weird ish. But in this case I REALLY don’t understand. They are cute no doubt, but so are baby turtles. It can’t be the plot lines in the show, I’ve seen them, it’s your normal feel good, teach a life lesson kids show.

Anyway, in order to cleanse myself of this twilight zoneish place, I went to the local dagorhir Saturday battle with my buddies Matt and Hong. If you’ve seen the movie Role models you know what I’m talking about. Big fake foam weapons, battle to the short lived death and repeat. It’s just amazing, if you’ve ever talked to me you know that my life revolves around martial combat and being a knight has been a life long fantasy. Finally my adolescent dreams are coming to fruition. A little role reversal with being called newb over and over but I think we held our own enough. Now to decide on a character name, I’m torn between Achilles and Kal-el, I’ll have to think on it.
Fight camp is going well, I’m in sick shape, walking around with a six pack is nice, not a fat kid anymore toto. Finding an opponent is proving difficult for May 10th, my original opponent pulled out and the replacements aren’t signing contracts. I thought it was a beesh move pulling out a month out from the fight. I get that injuries happen but I feel like it was something else, maybe weight issues. Sucks that on the shows that aren’t televised guys don’t have a Problem quitting last minute. Frustrating to say the least but I’m still training like it’s happening.
For Easter I went to brunch at the fairmont. Are like a fat kid, Juliet got her face painted by an “Elsa” from frozen impersonator. I try to get her to do cute things done but she just wants to look like a tiger :/ after I Even got a good session in with my buddy Michael and Chesca today at Bodies By Amorim, guilt and a bloated belly will lead you to do some hardcore stuff.

Cross your fingers for me and stay classy. Happy Easter! To the death mfers!




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