What grinds my gears

So before fights I have a lot of down time, I get to do a lot of self reflecting, figuring out what is good for me, bad for me, and learning how to get/get rid of both. I’m a generally positive person and very rarely feel negative towards anything. I don’t self high five, I’m not satisfied with something I just did. I believe in being great or being quiet. No sense in me resting on a half ass win over some douche that barely trained. I don’t comment on people’s selfies or bs feel good posts anymore because it’s a waste of time. It makes them feel good so who am I to kick that down. Luckily this is my blog and they don’t have to read it.
Don’t read this if you are a manufactured positivity person that feels good about halfway. It will make us not like eachother even less. I’m not looking at anyone in particular, just what I see trending.

You know when I was a kid, I had posters of great athletes, heroes, movie stars etc on my wall. Muhammad Ali has some great one liners that he said before fights to build up his confidence, one of my favorites was “I said I was the greatest before I knew I was.” You know why that is inspiring to me? Because he did something with his life, something very few have done. That man was the heavyweight champion of the world at the time when that meant he was truly and undisputedly the baddest man on the planet. Insert mediocrity today.
In today’s day and age we take millions of photos and insert BS quotes that we didn’t say nor have we truly earned. What about your progress photo is supposed to inspire me to be a better person? You want to inspire people with your weight loss? Why can’t you just keep it real and say “hey look at me, I look way better than before” or check out my abs/guns/glutes/cleavage. Can we keep it real?? Don’t kid yourself. You say you don’t care what people think but you are posing a selfie with a quote from Socrates that would probably have him shaking his head over? Stop. Just, stop.

You are supposed to be fit. Each one of us is capable of being in shape and being healthy. Hell, with the abundance of information out there, it’s pretty damn easy to educate yourself enough to know that broccoli is good and ice cream is bad. We are living in the age of mediocre greatness. People are climbing halfway up the mountain, snapping a selfie and then deciding they want to teach others how to climb mountains with barely any experience (personal trainers are the worst). I spent half of my life fighting and learning a specific set of techniques only to look over and see an out of shape blue belt teaching a class or an unaccomplished fat guy sitting on a chair giving instructions on how to lose weight.
Everyone is a “warrior” these days, i am at the point where i want to be called anything but that. These self high fiving insert “bad words” are riding the mediocrity train and calling everyone to jump on, “feel good about being average”! It makes me sick all of this manufactured feel good about doing nothing positive bullshit. Greatness is something to aspire towards and hunger for, not the halfway climbing people that are flooding my news feed. The age of “qualified” has disappeared. Ask college graduates, they can’t even get a job when some drop out will do it for half the salary. It’s terrible. We are getting watered down products from unqualified people that have no desire for greatness. Bugs the mfing ish out of me!
At some point sheep started wearing suits that looked like lion pelts. Everyone is going about roaring like they just did something. It’s like people are more into the action of posting and showing off than achieving something. And this “don’t kill my vibe stuff, if that’s you being all positive and self high fiving, cool, you still have the other half of the mountain to climb up. Start stepping and save your selfies for the top of Mount Everest, I’m not impressed by the footpath all the tourists are taking.
My uncle, someone I look up to, has been practicing magic for 40+ years. The man is a master, and he got there by practicing every day. People don’t want to wait forty years for that kind of mastery so they go buy a gimmick or prop and say some bullshit lines and call themselves wizards. I could name examples like this all day. Tell me again how a two day seminar qualifies you to be a mentor/instructor of anything?
I know there are some amazing people out there that are bursting with positivity. People that are accomplished, are doing stuff with their life and love to inspire others. They are real, I can see it. Stay you. For the others, stop trying to imitate, be great, chase great whatever and stfu until then.
“Nah ima stay” over here mfer.


6 thoughts on “What grinds my gears

  1. I would like to agree to disagree. Many “selfies” have inspired me, motivated me, helped keep me going when I felt like giving up. Being a mom of 4 year old twins and a now 8 month old, life is difficult. Add my husband being in the Blue Angels and traveling all throughout the year on top of that and you have ME. I coupon, I try to go to the gym as much as I possibly can, it’s a constant juggling act. Quotes are inspiring and so are all the selfies I see on Instagram and Facebook. I love watching videos of other SAHM’s kicking ass. I was SO inspired by all of these progress photos and selfies, so much so when I started my journey to lose weight, get fit, and feel good about myself. I started posting selfies! I get messages all the time from other SAHM’s and Military wives asking what I did, and saying how much they look forward to seeing my posts. You don’t know every fitness quoting, selfie taking persons story. Before judging their ish maybe walk a day in their shoes. What might not work for you, might work for someone else. So I will continue to post selfies and be proud. This mom of 3 under 4 with hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome might be “average” but that’s ok to me.

    1. The cool thing about the human experience is that it is different for everyone. I find people with disabilities, diseases etc to on a different level. Maybe I’m talking more about the Insta personal trainers, but specifying for everything would be pretty time consuming. Anyway, enjoy your weight loss, cheers

  2. A little Harsh but honest and refreshing and anyway. I just want so badly to make it to the top of the mountain and will stop at nothing, whatever the cost, whatever it takes; and you’re right, I’d be a fool to follow someone who couldn’t even make it to the very top, but quit halfway up to take selfies and boast and gloat. I want to make it to the top without a selfie anyway, because it’s not for them it’s for me. Btw, looks like your daughter almost made it to the top! Cute. Inspiring article. Thanks!

    1. I was probably in a bad mood when I wrote it, I should have been nicer. Basically, to me it seems people are doing things more for the social media bragging rather than for themselves I donno, I just miss the days where it was about accomplishment, not accolade.

  3. Nah, just be yourself. Don’t change a thing. You’re right about the trends in our culture. And it is about accomplishment. And what people really want, I think, is authenticity. People want to follow someone that doesn’t need any followers to maintain their integrity. Keep it real and be true to yourself. 🙂

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