Will model for World Peace (and small donations to the Juliet Toy Fund) Happy to work with good brands with a positive message.
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1185078_695505900476745_839762356_n 1234438_700227413337927_1614870602_n 1236032_700227430004592_1303902289_n 1231642_700230443337624_803166155_n 1004543_703031829724152_1417080041_n 1174795_703661769661158_1846793548_n 1234753_703661819661153_1556403421_n 1185653_703661902994478_2073403445_n 526548_703661906327811_212215795_n 554638_709185119108823_1398747812_n 1234715_710079989019336_1654780054_n 1237142_712223025471699_193798774_n 1176118_714225921937822_1460233710_n

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